Proposal Intro:

To keep the Safe module ecosystem thriving, we know it's all about having the right mix of module devs, auditors, and users. They're like the dream team for our modular smart account paradise!

At ZenGuard, we're rolling up our sleeves to make this happen. Picture a platform where devs can easily drop their modules after they've been given the green light. Plus, we're bringing in auditors to double-check everything and give that on-chain stamp of approval that users can trust.

Thanks to the Safe Grants Program Wave1, we've made some serious headway with our MVP, and folks are digging what we've put out there so far.

In pursuit of advancing our solution and nurturing the Safe Module ecosystem, we present the following initiative milestones for consideration:

Fund allocation strategy:

Milestone Objective Funds spent on Team/ Resources Duration Total Budget (USDC)
Module developers onboarding - Developer community engagement
Conducting workshops and hackathons at universities, and dev meetups

| - Partnership and growth lead (1 Fulltime)

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