Safe2Link Overview πŸ‘€

Safe2Link is a mechanism to share crypto assets directly from programmable wallets like Safe Accounts via links. Safe2Link enables this feature to the existing Safe Accounts via a module that allows users to create crypto claim links for a specific asset and amount. The one who holds the payment link can claim the asset that will be deducted directly from the Safe Account.



Peanut Protocol Overview πŸ‘€

Peanut is a protocol to transfer tokens using URLs. The sender deposits tokens to the vault and sends the URL to the receiver. The URL contains a secret, allowing the receiver to withdraw the funds.

Peanut protocol supports the receiver to withdraw funds to any desired wallet directly from the peanut protocols’ secret-protected vault smart contracts after verification.

Safe2Link <> Peanut

Peanut protocol is a generic crypto-sharing solution via links where users can create payment links by locking the funds on the Peanut protocol contract that can be claimed later by the recipient.

Safe2Link is a dedicated solution for Smart accounts where account users can create payment links without funds leaving the wallet until claimed. This is achieved with the help of modules.

Currently, Safe2Link allows any Safe account users to create claimable crypto links by:

  1. Enabling the module on the Safe account
  2. Creating the claim link by calling the module function.
  3. Claiming the funds to a newly deployed Safe Account using passkey auth (This can be any wallet too)

The logic implemented on the Safe2Link module resembles the specs specified by Peanut Protocol:

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